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Fringe Fund

Two women business owners, using some spare cash to lift someone else up


The Fringe Fund is two friends, Stephanie Hurlburt and Evva Karr, combining their powers and cash to help another human out.

We’re looking for early stage makers, movers and shakers. People who are headed down the path of business ownership. If you’ve already started a business, great. If you’re on the verge of something incredible, even better.

For now, this fund is only available to residents in North America. We’d like to make it available in more places in the future!


This time around, we’re going to hook you up at PAX West

  • We’ll fly you out to Seattle for PAX West
  • Offer housing for up to a week in an AirBnb 5 blocks away from the convention center.
  • Stipend for expenses (food, child care, train fares, etc). We’re not setting a budget right now and will evaluate based on your needs, but we’ll cover it all.
  • A badge for PAX West.
  • You’ll be featured on our podcast, Power Play, and paid for your time to record that week.

In addition to funding, we’ll do our best to take you under our wing and introduce you to people who will help you further your career.




We will be accepting 100 applications and will close it upon hitting that number. Expect a response from us within a week after closing!

Here are the questions that will be asked on the application:


  • What is your name?
  • What are you preferred pronouns? We’d like to address you correctly!
  • What is your email address?
  • What is your phone number?
  • Tell us about yourself. We’re confident that you’re amazing, so tell us why we absolutely need to highlight you and your work.
  • Tell us about your early stage business.  We’re looking for guests who are ready to take on business ownership and are in the early stages. This may mean that you’re testing out new ideas, exploring business models, or trying to find your audience.
  • Would you like to share any links to your project?
  • What barriers are you currently facing? There are tons of them in business, tell us about yours.
  • What do you think will help reduce those barriers? There are no wrong answers here.


We’re monitoring diversity in order to ensure a breadth of voices will be Fringe Fund recipients and/or guests of the Power Play podcast.  We’re currently building policies around how we evaluate each application to ensure best practicies. Please share as much or as little information as you’d like with us under the, “Tell us about yourself” section of the form.

We strive to be inclusive of everyone so you can feel welcome and protected when sharing your information with us. The information provided will not be shared with anyone except for Evva Karr and Stephanie Hurlburt, and will be deleted after a submission has been selected.