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A Podcast Exploring Creative Leadership in Video Games with Evva Kraikul and Stephanie Hurlbert
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Evva Kraikul is a designer and entrepreneur at GLITCH, an independent game label home to the off-beat, the debut, and the experimental. She has previously worked with Activision Blizzard on business development, Riot Games to launch international programs, and PBS to develop games utilizing participatory HCI methods.

Evva Kraikul

Founder & Creative Director, GLITCH

Stephanie Hurlburt is a graphics engineer & entreprenuer at Binomial making Basis, an image compressor. She is part of the Khronos Group and has previously worked at Oculus on Medium, Unity3D optimizing graphics on engine features, & Downstream making custom art installations all over the world.

Stephanie Hurlburt

Founder & Engineer, Binomial